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Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3, 2008

Alex Kava
EXPOSED, the sixth installment in bestselling author Alex Kava's series featuring FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell, finds its protagonist tracking a serial murderer --- whose weapon of choice is a deadly virus --- all the while quarantined inside a government biosafety containment hospital. In this interview with's Joe Hartlaub, Kava describes the real-life people and events that inspired elements of the book's plot, and explains how her experiences in previous careers impact her ability to write novels. She also shares details about her creative process --- including writing and research schedules, test readers and remedies for writer's block --- and discusses her current projects, which include a work of nonfiction and the next book in the series.

Beverly Barton's Donna Volkenannt recently spoke with Beverly Barton, the award-winning and bestselling author of over 60 novels, including the newly-released romantic suspense COLD HEARTED. In this interview, Barton explains how the "steel magnolias" in her life acted as inspiration for the book's strong female protagonist, and elaborates on the story's themes of family and loyalty. She also discusses the difficulties of writing from a villain's point of view, lists some of her favorite books and authors, and shares details about future projects, including the 2009 release of her next book, SILENT KILLER.

Ad Hudler
Journalist, author and stay-at-home dad Ad Hudler recently published his fourth work of fiction, MAN OF THE HOUSE --- the sequel to the critically acclaimed HOUSEHUSBAND. In this interview with's Carol Fitzgerald and Wiley Saichek, Hudler discusses the book's hugely autobiographical elements and explains how --- despite his initial hesitation --- the act of blogging aids his writing process. He also gives his two cents on gender stereotypes, offers advice to fellow househusbands and shares details on his next undertaking, which is humorous essays.

Suspense/Thriller Feature
THE MEMORIST by M. J. Rose (Suspense)
On Sale October 28, 2008

We have 10 advance reading copies of THE MEMORIST by M. J. Rose to give away to readers who would like to preview the book and comment about it. If you are interested, please fill out the form by Friday, October 10th.

She is paralyzed by the past. He was robbed of the future.

The dreads are back. As a child, Meers Logan was haunted by memories of another time and place, always accompanied by the faint strains of elusive music. Now the hand of the past has reached out again. An envelope addressed to her and delivered to the Phoenix Foundation --- an institute dedicated to the recovery of past life memories --- contains a childhood drawing of an elaborate box that Meers recognizes... and a sheet from an auction catalogue identifying the object she spent years imagining as an eighteenth century gaming box

Suspense/Thriller Feature
THE FIRE by Katherine Neville (Suspense)
On Sale October 14, 2008
Katherine Neville's groundbreaking novel, THE EIGHT, dazzled audiences more than twenty years ago and set the literary stage for the epic thriller. A quest for a mystical chess service that once belonged to Charlemagne, it spans two centuries and three continents, and intertwines historic and modern plots, archaeological treasure hunts, esoteric riddles, and puzzles encrypted with clues from the ancient past. Now the electrifying global adventure continues, in Neville's long anticipated sequel: THE FIRE.

Mystery Mayhem Feature
THE VICTORIA VANISHES by Christopher Fowler (Mystery)
On Sale October 28, 2008

We have 10 advance reading copies of THE VICTORIA VANISHES by Christopher Fowler to give away to readers who would like to preview the book and comment about it. If you are interested, please fill out the form by Friday, October 10th.

It's a case tailor-made for the Peculiar Crimes Unit. A lonely hearts killer is targeting middle-aged women at some of England's most well-known pubs --- including one torn down eighty years ago. What's more, Arthur Bryant happened to see one of the victims only moments before her death at the pub that doesn't exist. Indeed, this case is littered with clues that defy everything the veteran detectives know about the habits of serial killers, the methodology of crime, and the odds of making an arrest. Now, with the public on the verge of panic and their superiors determined to shut the PCU down for good, Detectives Bryant and May must rise to the occasion in defense of two great English traditions --- the pub and the Peculiar Crimes Unit.

Romantic Suspense Feature
COLD PURSUIT by Carla Neggers (Romantic Suspense)
On Sale October 28, 2008

We have 10 advance reading copies of COLD PURSUIT by Carla Neggers to give away to readers who would like to preview the book and comment about it. If you are interested, please fill out the form by Friday, October 10th.

A number of prominent figures have been killed under mysterious circumstances in the past year. All unconnected. But when an esteemed U.S. ambassador is slain in a questionable hit-and-run in Washington, D.C. and his stepdaughter vanishes mere hours later in the mountains of northern New England, suspicions are raised by a Secret Service agent and a recovering Special Forces soldier in COLD PURSUIT, the newest novel by New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers.

Southern Writers Feature
DANCING IN THE LOWCOUNTRY by James Villas (Fiction)
On Sale Now

Ella Dubose is a Southern lady of a certain age --- an age at which memories of youth can rush in at every turn and overwhelm the present. But while Ella's two younger children are concerned for her health and want to limit her independence, Ella --- elegant, unconventional, and unrepentantly willful --- has very different ideas. And she's not about to be controlled by anyone, not when there are tasks she needs to complete and loose ends that must be tied.

Graphic Novels
DEMO by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan
Seemingly ordinary kids begin to learn they are anything but normal in this collection of 12 short stories. Each of these young adults has a special gift, whether they want it or not, that allows them to do superhuman things and that they must somehow come to terms with. Reviewed by John Hogan.

COMIC BOOK TATTOO edited by Rantz A. Hoseley
Ethereal songstress Tori Amos lends her lyrics and inspiration to this gigantic collection from some of the top creators in the field today. Writers and artists use over 50 of Amos's works as a building block for incredible ventures into the imagination. Reviewed by John Hogan.

Book-loving cinephiles are in for quite a busy month, with eight films gracing October's Books into Movies feature. With a little something for everyone, from over-the-top comedies like Sex Drive and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People to heavy dramas like CIA action thriller Body of Lies and the inspiring biopic The Express, there will be no shortage of reasons to catch your old and new favorites brought to life on the big screen.

Two of this month's buzziest movies are based on YA bestsellers. City of Ember, adapted from Jeanne DuPrau's sci-fi/fantasy series about a mysterious, crumbling underground city lit entirely by floodlamps, is sure to be a hit for the all-ages crowd, while Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist aims for a slightly older audience, as it follows two teens nursing heartbreak and the need for a live-music fix over the course of one fateful night.

Also garnering plenty of attention with their A-list casts and thought-provoking subject matter are the guaranteed tearjerker The Secret Life of Bees, based on Sue Monk Kidd's poignant novel that reexamines the meaning of family, and the star-studded Hollywood satire What Just Happened, about an aging producer on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Also, new on DVD this month are Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park and Lifetime Network's The Memory Keeper's Daughter, as well as the family-friendly films Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D and Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.
» Click here for more details about October's films.

New Reviews and Excerpts
EXPOSED by Alex Kava (Thriller)
Agent Maggie O'Dell and Assistant Director Cunningham believe they're responding to a threat made at Quantico. Instead they walk into a trap. Before they realize it, they've both been exposed to a killer who can strike at anyone, anytime, and no one can predict who might be next…until it's too late. Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub and excerpted.

COLD HEARTED by Beverly Barton (Romantic Suspense)
Rick Carson is the agent assigned to investigate the death of Senator Daniel Price. Topping the list of suspects is Jordan Price, the Senator's much younger and extremely beautiful wife. As Rick's probe gets closer to the truth, the suspense heats up --- and so does his attraction to the wealthy widow. Reviewed by Donna Volkenannt and excerpted.

THE LUCKY ONE by Nicholas Sparks (Fiction)
When Marine veteran Logan Thibault decides to find the woman in the picture he discovered during his third tour of duty in Iraq, it's partly because that photo appears to have kept him safe in the deadliest of war experiences. When he comes face to face with the lovely Elizabeth, his unwitting lucky charm, he realizes the quest is more complicated than he ever could have dreamed. Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon and excerpted.

EXIT MUSIC by Ian Rankin (Mystery)
It has been over 20 years since Ian Rankin introduced readers to Detective Inspector John Rebus, an extraordinary policeman fighting crime in the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland. Sadly, the end of an era has come, as has the career of John Rebus. EXIT MUSIC is his swan song, and, as with everything Rebus does, he does a bang-up job of it. Reviewed by Kate Ayers and excerpted.

THE DARKER SIDE by Cody McFadyen (Thriller)
A lie, a long-ago affair, a dark desire --- everyone has secrets they take to the grave. No one knew that better than FBI special agent Smoky Barrett. But what secret was a very private young woman keeping that led to her very public murder? And what kind of killer was so driven and so brazenly daring that he'd take her life on a commercial airliner 30,000 feet in midair, a killer so accomplished that he'd leave only a small souvenir behind? Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub and excerpted.

- Visit Cody McFadyen's official website,

MAN OF THE HOUSE by Ad Hudler (Fiction)
Lincoln Menner has been more than satisfied being a househusband and his daughter's main caretaker for years. But has he lost something in the process? As he compulsively tracks hurricanes headed for his Florida home, he learns that their erratic path is called "wobbling." Linc's life also wobbles as he veers off course, in this delightfully entertaining and warmhearted tale. Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon and excerpted.

- Visit Ad Hudler's official website,

GOLDENGROVE by Francine Prose (Fiction)
At the center of Francine Prose's profoundly moving new novel is a young girl facing the consequences of sudden loss after the death of her sister. As her parents drift toward their own risky consolations, 13-year-old Nico is left alone to grope toward understanding and clarity, falling into a seductive, dangerous relationship with her sister's enigmatic boyfriend. Reviewed by Norah Piehl.

HOT MAHOGANY: A Stone Barrington Novel, by Stuart Woods (Thriller)
When the owner of an antique mahogany secretary worth millions is beaten to the point of amnesia, the secretary is stolen and a variety of parties appear to be viable suspects, attorney and former NYPD detective Stone Barrington has his hands full trying to locate not only the secretary but the culprit who will stop at nothing in his or her quest for ownership of this piece of art. Reviewed by Amie Taylor.

THE GYPSY MORPH: The Genesis of Shannara, Book 3 by Terry Brooks (Fantasy)
THE GYPSY MORPH is the final installment in Terry Brooks's Genesis of Shannara trilogy (following ARMAGEDDON'S CHILDREN and THE ELVES OF CINTRA). Set in a post-apocalyptic United States, armies of Demons and once-men seek out and destroy all remnants of civilization and humanity as they strive to lead the powers of the Void over the forces of light. Reviewed by Stephen Hubbard.

A COUNTRY CALLED HOME by Kim Barnes (Fiction)
Thomas Deracotte and his new and pregnant wife, Helen, leave Connecticut to live off the land in the wilds of Idaho. Although Thomas is an M.D., he desires only to fish. The realities of living in isolation prey on Helen, setting off a sequence of events in which their future is shaped, for worse and for better. Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon.

REAGAN: THE HOLLYWOOD YEARS by Marc Eliot (Biography)
Ronald Reagan was a self-created man, a one-off legend of the 20th century. In this book we see that he was self-created many times and, true to his aw-shucks cowboy style, always attributed each re-creation to The Big Guy looking out for him. It was a style he learned in Hollywood where, after many Grade-B hero roles, he became the man in the white hat. Reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott.

THE CELLIST OF SARAJEVO by Steven Galloway (Fiction)
Reading THE CELLIST OF SARAJEVO isn't quite like remembering where you were when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, or when the FLQ crisis briefly gripped Canada in martial law, or when the horror of 9/11 stopped the whole world in its tracks. But for a nanosecond of history back in 1992, news cameras captured the bizarre and poignant scene of a cellist, attired in full concert dress, playing alone amid the ruins of Sarajevo. Reviewed by Pauline Finch.

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